Carpathian Crosses Beta Feature List:

  • Soviet Black Sea Naval infantry
  • Soviet padded jackets
  • Soviet amoeba variations (standard/uban, hooded and non-hooded)
  • Romanian standard uniforms (summer) in several variations
  • Romanian standard uniforms (winter) in several variations
  • Romanian greatcoats
  • Romanian mountain divisions
  • Romanian tankers
  • Steyr-Hahn 1912 pistol
  • M95 Steyr-Mannlicher rifle
  • M95 Steyr-Mannlicher carbine
  • MP28 SMG
  • Orita SMG
  • ZB-30 LMG
  • RPG-40 AT grenade
  • Geballte ladung AT grenade
  • M39 50mm Mortar
  • and maybe even more..
  • Renault R35 light cavalry tank
  • T-26 light tank
  • Dofinovka (infantry)
  • Nalchik (infantry)
  • Chisinau (tank)
  • Ardon (combined arms)
  • Maikop (infantry)
  • The add-on is implemented as a RO compatible gametype, RO stock and custom maps can be played after CC maps without any action required from the player.
  • Romanian voice commands, recorded in a professional studio with a native Romanian.
  • New teamselect menus.
  • New classes for all sides (e.g. Artillery soldier, Spotter).
  • Mortars, carryable and deployable everywhere.
  • New ingame menu for spotters to support the artillery soldiers, similar to the voice commands menu.
  • The ZB LMG features firing from the hip, iron sights and while being deployed. It also features bashing.
  • Ladders and climbing animations (players cannot use their weapons on ladders).
  • Wirecutters to clear routes blocked by barbwire.
  • Definable ranks for soldiers, changeable per map and class.
  • A certain chance for romanian soldiers to wear glasses
  • New DestroyableMesh actors for mappers allowing events to be triggered when being hit by certain DamageTypes.
  • Triggerable objective types (not used on any CC map so far).
Tank improvements
  • Removed the view shaking for the tank MGs.
  • Armor values depending on lower armor, upper armor and turret.
  • Crew can be killed from penetrating shells.
  • Tanks don't start to burn on overall damage.
  • Engine hits can cause the engine to start burning.
  • The possibility to switch off the engine of the CC tanks.
  • Where applicable: the turret rotation speed is slowed down in case the engine is switched off. This is not relevant for the tanks in CC.
  • Fire from the engine can spread to other areas in the tank like the driver compartment. The sequence and speed are specified per tank.
  • Switching the engine off reduces the possibility that the fire spreads.
  • The main gun sights can be shattered when a shell hits the relevant area.
  • Tanks trigger an event defined in the VehicleFactory when destroyed (usable for mappers).
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